International Work

Baragwanath Hospital, Soweto General Hospital South Africa (1981-1984)

  • Medical registrar and consultant

Save the Children Fund (SCF)

  • Medical coordinator for three large refugee camps and advisor for the Ministry of Health and NGOs on epidemic control (specifically typhus, relapsing fever, measles, cholera and malaria) in Ethiopia (1984-1985)

Medical Emergency Relief International (MERLIN)

  • Part of the initial team that started the organisation in 1992
  • External medical adviser from 1992-1996
  • Consultancies during war/refugee crises in Southern Sudan (1993), Tanzania /Rwanda (1994) & Afghanistan (1995).
  • Ongoing advisor on ad hoc basis

Senior Health Advisor to the IFRC – Epidemic control and general refugee health issues. 1 year sabbatical based in Geneva.

  • Responsible for cholera and meningitis epidemic control measures in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Carried out a Measles epidemic evaluation, planning and execution of a 3 million dose vaccination programme in Romania with the World Health Organisation (1998).
  • Post conflict assessment in Sierra Leone (April 1998).
  • Adviser on behalf of IFRC for the Sphere Project, developing minimum standards for humanitarian responses.

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)

  • Medical coordinator of the Rwanda emergency team, controlling Cholera and Shigella Meningitis epidemics amongst the 280,000 refugees in Kibumba camp, Zaire (August – September 1994)
  • Medical adviser to the Angola assessment team during civil war (September 1995)
  • Health assessment consultancy – reviewing the refugee situation during the Rwanda emergency (April 1996)
  • Health assessment consultancy – Gujurat earthquake in India (2001)
  • Health and Nutrition assessment in the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea (August 2001)
  • Emergency Health response assessment after the Bam earthquake in Iran (February 2004)

Senior Medical Adviser. Tuberculosis (TB) project in the former Soviet Union (FSU) (1998 – 2012)

  • Developed programme with two colleagues (Dr Hakan Hellberg and Dr Lena Yurasova).
  • Design aimed at improving the medical care of patients with TB and supporting their needs socially to ensure completion of treatment and cure and to promote awareness of HIV and potential impact of HIV on the TB situation via advocacy at Government level using the Red Cross networks.
  • The project required multiple visits over 14 years to many regions of Russia and was adopted by the regional authorities.
  • The programme has now been extended across Russia and integrated into the Federal TB service.